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Change takes courage. Nepali women are pushing forward and driving change

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About Us

Using Safa Tempo you can SAVE the environment while getting your things done

Bijulipower provides access to safa-tempo for private hire promoting green mobility. It has empowered 20+ women with its services and has given women safa-tempo drivers affordable access to finances through Aloi.

Bijulipower was started back in February 2020. It was originally established to help safa-tempo women drivers to earn additional income to help pay back the loan they accessed through our parent company, Aloi. As time passed we felt it was necessary for safa-tempo women drivers to have a platform where they can earn and make their private hiring service easily accessible.

Our Mission

Empowering women safa-tempo drivers and promoting green mobility

Our Vision

Helping women safa-tempo drivers pay the loan and make a good credit history for future loans

Our Goal

Promote safa-tempo (electric-vehicle)

Empower women safa-tempo drivers

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Our Audiences

Use Safa Tempo,
Save Environment

Many women go through rejection when they show their interest to learn Safa Tempo driving. However, in the last few years, a significant no. of women are coming up & helping other women to find their way by coaching others on how to drive Safa Tempo.

Safa Tempo Benefits

Zero carbon emission

Zero Carbon Emission

Women Empowerment

One safa-tempo ride = One women safa-tempo driver empowered


Easy logistics service for e-commerce and stores


Promotion of domestic electric-vehicle

Easy Commute

Easy commute to work, college, or any destination

Hassle Free Booking

Booking Safa Tempo within few clicks

Trusted by global companies

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